Written by Samantha Quiroz

A great teacher once told me that my spiritual life was like digging a well. Prayer was like a person who dug the well with a shovel. Fasting was the person who dug the well with a bull dozer, much more quickly and much more efficiently. When we need something in our life, we drop our bucket into the well and pull from the spring of life, we pull from the well that never runs dry. Will our well be deep or shallow? Will we be able to pull from it over and over or will we need to take multiple breaks in order for it to refill so that we can get what we need? I decided I wanted a well that I could turn to as many times as I needed whenever I needed.

So embarked my journey with fasting. My first 40 day fast was a daniel fast. I fasted for this city, but I asked God to do something in my aunt’s body. She had cancer. During the fast, God shrunk her tumor by 75%! Fasting is powerful. During my second 40 day fast, I was in a dance group and we were preparing a production piece. Because of the practices, for the first 22 days of the fast, I  ate 1/2 cup a rice and drank soup without solids. When our piece was over, I did an only liquids fast for the rest of the 18 days. That first full fast taught me what a peaceful mind was. My next fast was an only liquids fast from beginning to end. I began to read the word  and gain revelation like never before. The Holy Spirit started to become my best friend. During a fast, you can feel the vacuum of God. Sometimes, in the middle of your chaotic every day life, you only feel God and not the delirium of rapid, fast-paced life. You are walking with God in his timeless garden, talking to him, communing with him while life is going- but it’s not taking you down. To feel God like that is satiating and life sustaining. In the midst of the mind games that you will die because of the fast, you begin walking in a peace that negates and kills every lie. Also, during this third fast -but first 40 day liquids only fast- my prophetic insight became sharper and much more clear. I felt so safe and secure in the arms of the Father knowing no lie could have the power to ever derail me from my destiny.  In this war of life where the enemies most powerful weapon is lies, I was beginning to sharpen a very powerful tool of my own. For the next three 40- day fasts, I grew and grew in my destiny. But, more importantly, I grew closer to God in a way that overcame years of generational curses and fears. I shouldn’t be where I am or as confident as I am or as brave as I am. I shouldn’t be a powerful force in the Kingdom. But I am and will only grow stronger in order to highlight the glory and presence of God. Because that’s what God does. He gives us the tools that take us on a journey to deepen our relationship with Him and the tools that make us a testimony of His power and goodness so all the world can know and see Him. It’s our choice how deep we want to go.


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