Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Joe Miller, a local business owner, started prayforpensacola.com in 2008 and spent close to 10 years leading the city in pray and fasting for Pensacola. It has been exciting to see so many churches involved. One of our best years we had over 600 people sign up online. They were all from about 85 different local churches. The purpose of fasting and praying for our city is because God loves Pensacola. Do you remember that it was "officially" the first settlement in America? Tristan de Luna established Pensacola area in 1559. The area of the first camp is called Emanuel point. And of course Emanuel means "God is with us" Since 2008 we have have seen many people from around the country moving here. It is because God is structuring Pensacola to be a city that send missionaries around the world.


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