We have been working hard to promote the 40 days through facebook. If that is how you found us then welcome aboard. PrayforPensacola was started in 2008 and the goal has always been to pray for the city. A biblical picture of what we do is similar to the way you protect your home. I like to tell the story of how a home with no locks on it is prone to be robbed from. If you go on a vacation and leave the front door open, the odds are when you return you will have homeless people living in your house and eating all your food. Sounds scary. What we typically do it put locks on all the doors of our home and also connect our home with an alarm company. That way if someone tries to rob us the alarm will sound and send a signal to the police. Do you know that as a Christian you have the same responsibility to protect a city? and put walls around the city? I have been on mission trips to places where a city is spiritually dead. There is no Spirit of God in the City. Just evil. One of our responsibilities is to pray a spiritual wall around the city, to protect the city from all sorts of craziness. Here are a few things that we must pray for so that God protects this city and His angels will put a wall of safety around Pensacola.... We will be fasting that God protects people from cancer, disease, mental illness, crazy thoughts and depression. We will be praying for people that are hurting and struggling. We will be praying that God grabs ahold of those that are lost and hurting. As a Christian this is our responsibility. As a Christian you have the power and authority that Jesus has given us. As you look at the prayer calendar start to look at the prayer targets and ask God to show you your authority. AS A CHRISTIAN YOU HAVE AUTHORITY TO PRAY AND PROTECT THIS CITY!


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