"Prayer gives people the opportunity to partner with God and the desires of His heart. God loves unity! Jesus prayed, "Father, make them one as You and I are one" and Psalm 133 declares, "How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell togehter in unity. It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard." Pray for Pensacola is an opportunity fo our city to come together in unity, lifting up a unified voice of prayer so the oil of heaven would flow bringing life and justice to every aspect of our great city." Pastor Arnie McCall, Freedom Church

“Never underestimate the power of fasting and prayer or its vital importance in our lives. Only through prayer will God hear from heaven and heal our land. Each of us is given the privilege to come before God’s throne of grace (Heb. 4:16) at any time to communicate with our Creator. This is a powerful truth that makes our faith unique.  Join us this year as we cry out to God for our city, its leaders, and its people.  As we come together in one mighty voice for these 40 days, Jesus Himself is praying with us (Heb. 7:25). In the words of Andrew Murray, “Like Christ, give yourself to God as a sacrifice for men through the power of intercession... The world needs nothing less. Christ asks nothing less. Let nothing less be what we offer to God.” Pastor Len Ballenger. Jubilee International Ministries

"Pray for Pensacola has been a tool in the Masters hand to bring UNITY amonthe the Body of JEsus Christ for the City of Pensacola. Fasting and Prayer - a tool God uses for lasting breakthrough, deliverance, healing, and salvation for this region. Let's join this movement as it brings changes in our churches and the city we serve" Pastors John and Dorn Walker. Walls of Salvation Church Ministries

"God has proven himself faithful to His Word, thru the power of prayer that has granted Favor upon our city. One can put a thousand, two can put ten thousand to a flight. Let's continue to pull down the strongholds, as a unified Body. Our commitment to this vision is only as powerful as our commitment to walk in unity with one another." - Dr. Janice Crenshaw, Co-Pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship 

"Jesus said that his house is to be a house of prayer for the nations and we are the living stones that make up the house of God. It is the Lord's will for us to seek the good of the cities in which we dwell. Pray for Pensacola is an opportunity for us to step across denminational, ethnic, and cultural lines to cry out in the unity of the Spirit to our God for his kingdom to come and his will to be done on earth." Pastor Earon James, Relevant Life Church


"Prayer is a powerful expression of one's faith. I believe that all prayers are answered - sometimes the answer is no, that is when I ask for wisdom to accept God's will. Prayer not only changes things - it changes me!" Malcolm Thomas, Superintendent of Schools Escambia County Florida


"Nothing shifts a community into the reality of transformational awakening like united prayer so let's unite our efforts in prayer and fasting during Prayer for Pensacola 40 Day Fast!" - Pastor Rick Curry, 


"Because of the city-wide prayer and fasting events coordinated through PrayforPensacola.com, the members of our church know they are a part of a wonderful move of God in this city and they have a real hunger and thirst for more." Pastor Rick Hazelip, First City Church


Some things come only by prayer and fasting. The 40 Days of intercession over Pensacola is a unifying effort that our city needs to embrace." - Dr. Ted Traylor, Olive Baptist Church

"Epps Christian Center has been involved with Pray for Pensacola since it began. God said in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that If my people would pray "He would heal our land". As a result of our prayers we have now have confessed Christians in the Sheriff's Office, City Council and as County Commissioners. God bless Christian Leaders. I thank God for Brother Joe Miller for Pioneering this great move of God to provoke us to pray." - Pastor Sylvia Tisdale, Epps Christian Center


"Dear God we ask for your blessings on our wonderful community and it's beautiful people." - Dr. P.C. Wu Pensacola City Council

"Prayer is such a powerful force that God has given us to communicate with Him. Jesus sits at the right hand of God and intercedes for us day and night. Therefore, when we pray, our Savior presents these prayers to the Father. I am so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Joe Miller and Pray for Pensacola, as we see God change Pensacola right before our eyes. Pensacola is a lighthouse where God's word is being shared with the nations. Let us speak into this by praying that God raises up a generation right here in Pensacola to take Jesus to the uttermost. I am honored to support my amazing brother, Joe and the Pray for Pensacola prayer movement by actually praying for Pensacola." Linda English Reimagine Worldwide Co-founder


"It is with great honor to be a part of 40 days of prayer and fasting for a city that I love so much...Pensacola. I truly believe God's word "If His people humble themselves and seek His face in prayer" (2 Chron 7:14) I am thankful that the people of Pensacola are collectively coming together to pray and cry out to God for our city and its leaders to see the power of change." Chaplain Reginald Benjamin Escambia County Correction

"It is encouraging and hope inspiring to see many believers come together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ for the heart of God the city of Pensacola, Florida each year for this 40 days of prayer and fasting. God has shown our city much favor since the church of Pensacola started stepping into this very important 'harp and bowl' ministry before the Lord. I am humbled to be a part."- Pastor Greg Lancaster Vine Fellowship Network


"Prayer is the most widespread and unifying factor in the body of the Christ. Pray for Pensacola has opened opportunities for us to see God working in and through us in the Greater Pensacola area". - Rev. Jerry Ireland, Secretary/Treasurer Pensacola Area Ministerial Association

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