Do I need to pray and fast for 40 days to be part of this event?

Not necessarily. This is a self regulating event. You can define your own boundaries. You alone are responsible before God about your commitment. The only request that we have is that you submit the type of fast that you will be doing for our records. Whether you can only fast one day a week for 40 days, or do a Daniel's fast for 40 days, or a total liquid fast for 40 days, you are welcome to participate. Even if you cannot fast at all but you are committed to prayer, you can be a part of seeing Pensacola changed!

Is Pray for Pensacola part of a denomination?

No. We are a very loosely organized group of Christians from many local churches. We come together to pray for Pensacola. In some past years we have had as many as 600 people from over 85 churches sign up to pray and fast for our city. 

I just found out about this event and the event is in progress can I still sign up to be part of it?

Yes. Please REGISTER today.

How my kids can be involved?

Children have the ability to understand that they can help this community also. Children can pray and fast. However a child's fast should be limited to abstaining from sweets, television or other "light" types of fasts.


Do you meet during 40 days of prayer and fasting?

This is a self regulating fast. It is your commitment with God to pray for the city of Pensacola that will keep yourself motivated. However we will have a final prayer event at the end of the fast on February 15th 2019


How do I sign up?

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